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Spacing Saving Stamp Storage

I own so many stamps! I have more stamps in my craft room than Michael’s and Hobby Lobby combined! I had to find a way to store them so I could still easily locate what I wanted. In a previous post, I shared how I store my Heartfelt Creation and Stamps of Life sets and it still works very well. However, I needed a way to store all the other wonderful sets I was accumulating. So¬† in this post I will share my solution.

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How to Store Stamp / Die Combos

Have you ever wasted hours of crafting time searching for the exact stamp or die your wanting? Effective storage can be a challenge for all crafters and by effective I mean “being able to put my hands on it when I want it” effective. For years I fought with different ways of trying to store my stamps with matching dies. Nothing seemed to work for all my stamp/die combos. A few years ago, I stumbled upon a method that really works. You can get started with a just a few easy to find materials. Continue reading “How to Store Stamp / Die Combos”

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Crafting Faster! The Carrie Leigh Method

Have you ever sat down to begin crafting and been completely overwhelmed with where to start? Most of us have had that experience at one time or another. Over the past 20 odd years of paper crafting, I found that doing things in a particular order has helped me overcome that feeling. Continue reading “Crafting Faster! The Carrie Leigh Method”