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Mass Production of Encouraging Cards

Welcome back everyone! I appreciate all the traffic on my site and the wonderful comments. Recently my Bible study group decided to start visiting local nursing homes to encourage the residents. Of course I took this as a wonderful opportunity to use some of those fantastic encouraging stamps that I own and made several cards that we could sign and leave for residents to enjoy. The following steps are how I went about creating 10 cards in one afternoon.

PRE-Step one: Having pre-prepared flowers die-cut and on hand at all times!

Like my method for coloring, I also stamp and die cut pieces for making flowers on a regular basis. When I sit down to make cards, I don’t want to have to do this step each time. Often, the choices of flowers I decide to make will be determined by what I already have pre-cut. So once every couple of months I will stamp lots of flowers. Mostly I use Heartfelt Creations stamps to make my 3-D Flowers. I love their quality and beauty. They cut out perfectly with just one pass thru my machine. When I’m die cutting 20 or more pages of flowers, that’s an important criteria! I like to stamp each flower in a different color. I stick to colors that will be easy for me to coordinate with when I go to ink the flowers in the future. This helps me keep all the flower parts together so I don’t accidentally put a Lily petal in the with Mums.


The Real Step one: Make the Flowers

I store all my pre-cut flowers in zip lock baggies and inside a plastic container so it’s easy to grab and go. For today’s project I chose to use the Blazing Poppy flowers from Heartfelt Creations. I proceeded to use daubers to color my flowers with Colorbox Chalk ink. I love using the chalk ink on flowers, its bright and blends together very well. For contrast on this flower, I put the dark color on the ends and center of the flower and the light color on the petal. Once they were all colored, I spritz them with water and shaped them using the HC Flower shaping kit. (there are many U-tube videos on how to use this) By the time I was done shaping the last ones, the first ones were dried and ready to glue together. I also stamped, cut, and colored some green leaves at this time. This step took me about an hour.


Step Two: Choosing paper and die cutting supporting pieces

Next I chose the Once Upon a Time and All Geared Up HC paper pads to coordinate with my beautiful springy-pink flowers. A quick flip thru my stash and I identified the stamps and dies I wanted to use on my cards. I like to do as much of my die cutting at one time as I can. So I cut out multiple of all the dies I wanted to use in a variety of colors that worked with my patterned paper. This didn’t take long. Luckily, HC dies work so well, that I can usually cut a couple layers of paper at the same time. This step took me less that 40 minutes.


Step Three: Stamp and Emboss my sentiments

This step kind of speaks for itself. I used the scripture inspired encouragement stamps from HC, Momento tuxedo black ink, and Stampmania’s Clear High Gloss embossing powder. This step didn’t take long since I had all the shapes cut out and ready to go. No more than 20 minutes, including cleaning my stamps.


Step Four: Cut out all the paper layers.

Next I decided the card size I wanted to use and cut all my patterned and mat layers at one time. I used the same colors as I used for the coordinating die cut pieces from step two. Since I had all the papers and colors decided on, and I was using the same size card for all of them, it was fast and easy to cut enough layers for 10 cards. This step took about 15 minutes.


Step Five: Have some fun!

This is by far my favorite step. Creating all the cards from the goodies I’ve spent the last two hours making. I have a stack of solid layers, stack of patterned layers, a stack of sentiment shapes with layers, a stack of decorative dies, and a pile of flowers and leaves. I just start putting them all together to make as many cards as I can. Below is a pic of just  a few of the cards I made on this day. I hope they brighten the day and encourage the people who receive them.


Thanks again for checking out my blog! I would love if you left a comment.

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